What is this ALL about?

This bundle is all about tips and techniques that I find extremely practical and useful.

Some of these will be presented through video and some through photos and words.

I hope you enjoy these and that they will help you in your artist journey!

Preparing your TISSUE paper for your printer!

This 5 minute video shows you how to cut/tear your tissue paper and how to attach it to your printer paper for printing. I have been using this technique for many years and love the results. Hope you try it and enjoy!

Drawing with Guides

Using Adobe Photoshop I enlarge the photo to the substrate size. I place Guides where I need them for easy proportion size.

SOME HELPFUL TOOLS for drawing on Acrylics

It is sometimes difficult to know what to use for drawing on the shiny non-absorbent surface of an acrylic painting in progress. These are some that I really enjoy!

Colour Samples

I cut 140# CP watercolour paper into strips of 2 3/4" x 11" for my colour sample strips.

I follow this guide for all colours

1, Featured Colour pure

  1. Colour and Water
  2. Colour & White
  3. Colour & Black
  4. Colour & White & Black
  5. Colour & another colour and mix
  6. Colour & another colour adding white for tone and adding black for shade

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