Hi, I am your instructor Anita Wood

I hope you will love this short course on painting a beautiful butterfly in watercolours.

All we have is WATER and COLOUR to create a beautiful butterfly. In the course you will see a warm up video on how to just add colour to an area on your paper that is wet. Then you will be invited to move on to the video and paint with me. Stop and start the video as often as needed and just have fun!

Enjoy the MAGIC!

You say the nicest things!

Anita Wood is an extraordinary artist and instructor of the watercolor medium.

I started as a complete newbie-having no drawing or art classes of any kind. 

Anita has the ability to “start from the beginning”...and you will find yourself engrossed in the creative process and able to apply your new skills into painting subjects of your own interest.

Patti Dalleske

"Anita is an inspiring artist, whose talent with a brush is equally matched by her teaching talent in the classroom. Whether in person, or by Zoom, Anita has a wonderful gift of encouraging her students to learn and grow in their own unique ways. Always cheerful and welcoming, she exudes positivity and joy in the creative process."

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