Painting a Portrait in Watercolour with Experimental Materials

This course is designed for all levels of painting in watercolour and for all ages. This is a great "have no fear" course in which you will have fun, maybe try techniques you have never used and complete a beautiful painting.

The downloadable photo reference is a photo of myself, feel free to use a photo of your choice.

In the Preview of the course outline you will see a Welcome Video. This way I am able to introduce myself and will give you more information on what to expect in this step by step course. The course outline details the timeline and tells you where the next segment starts. The total video is about 1 hour and 55 minutes.

Please keep in mind that these experimental materials, although only a limited selection, lend themselves to ANY subject, just be creative and see what you come up with! Have fun and enjoy the process!

Examples of Paintings using these Techniques!

I have completed many paintings using these fun techniques.

After the paintings are complete I frame some with traditional mats, but also attached some to a cradled panel. Since they are watercolours on paper some were finished with a few coats of Dorland's Cold Wax, some with Encaustic Wax, some with Golden MSA Varnish.


Soft Petals
Spirit of Freedom


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