Peony in Pink

Big, Bold beautiful flowers - Close up and Larger than Life!

Hi and welcome to this course "Peony in Pink". If you love Big and Beautiful Flowers, Close Up and Larger than Life, then you will enjoy this peony painting course. I am your instructor, Anita Wood. I have been teaching Watercolours since 2000 and have a passion for painting larger than life flowers!

Although this course has been taught online through zoom, it is now totally self paced, I am painting right along with you. There are several videos with each video in a short segment allowing you to paint along or after you watch the video.

I speak to you in each video as if this is an in person workshop.

By the end of this course you will have completed a beautiful Peony in Pink.

I hope you enjoy!

Flowers in Watercolor

This is a sample of my paintings of Flowers, Larger than Life.

For more information regarding my paintings, please visit

"Tulips" Bold and Beautiful

Lotus Blossom

Lotus Blossom

Fire Flower, 22"x30"

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DFAC Watercolors Larger than Life

Fall II, Transforming the Ordinary into the Extraordinary

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Peony in Pink

Painting a Peony with all the petals. This course supplies the Reference Photo, the material list, Color charts and 16 videos, step by step

This course supplies the Reference Photo - cropped to a square format. Enlarge or reduce the photo.

Also included is the suggested material list, brushes, and Color Charts. This course contains 16 videos. These videos are made in segments, step by step - paint along!