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Painting a Portrait in Watercolour using Experimental Materials - Material List.pdf

Painting a Portrait in Watercolour with Experimental Materials


 Paints:     (I am painting with Winsor Newton)

Aureolin                                 PY40                           ST

Quinacridone Red                  PR209                       T

Indantherene Blue                  PB60                         ST


Hake Brush or Goat Hair brush for wash 

Winsor Newton Sable/Synthetic Blend Round size 10,12, OR 14

Synthetic size 6 (just a small brush)

Ugly Brush or a cheap good pointed brush for masking

  Other: Soft Toothbrush for scrubbing

              Cheap Joe’s Fritch Scrubbers, but any small oil brush used gently will work

Other Supplies:

Water Container

– one for watercolours        

– one for masking fluid water with Dawn Dish Detergent to save your brush (see photo)

Artist Graphite – for transferring your drawing to your watercolour paper

Epsom Salt – but really any salt will work

Gauze – I like to use Medical Gauze, but Cotton Cheesecloth is about the same


I use Arches 300lb CP full sheet

Either 300# or 140# are fine, just with the 140# you will want to stretch it

Use whatever size you like, your choice           

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